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Greetings! I've started drawing again lately.

Charlie Heaton portrait by Amy VanHymFinn Wolfhard sketch by Amy VanHym

My DeviantArt

EDIT: I'm really disappointed to see the that first line in your community rules reads "Art is subjective." Because objective standards of quality and taste actually do exist in art, and because I value these objective standards, I sadly will not be able to participate in this community any further. Byebye.
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Those 'objective standards' are often vastly patriarchal and colonialist in origin, often seeking to deliberately exclude art that is often in the domain of predominantly women (textiles, particularly textiles from so-called 'primitive cultures'), as well as to exclude the art forms and the visual eye developed in countries not yet colonialised predominantly by white men.

You can value those standards above all others, thus becoming part of and perpetuating that predominantly white, colonialist and patriarchal series of attitudes, but I recommend learning an art history that isn't tied down to white colonialism, like most university curriculums teaching art history actually are. Art is subjective because not all cultures are the same or value the same thing, and to call one culture (particularly a patriarchal white culture) 'right' etc. over others is...well...obviously it's your choice, but you should be aware what you sound like, when you comment on 'objective art standards' in this manner.

It's all well and good to sound like an elitist within the visual arts, just beware of what agendas it sounds like you're serving in the process of that elitism.
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In the context of a community like this one, I take the meaning of "Art is subjective" to be, quite simply, "Please do not be a giant stinking jerk to others who post here."

I fail to understand OP's objection to it. Nobody is asking anyone to abandon their ideals for their own art.
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"Art is subjective" is generally understood to mean that the viewer's response to art is subjective. This is demonstrably true. If it weren't, everyone would like and dislike the same art.

I'm curious what you took it to mean -- not the phrase itself, but the purpose of having it in the information about the community. In that context, if it isn't a reminder to be kind to one another even when we don't care for each other's art, then what do you think was meant by it?