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Hey all, I made a pastel drawing of a galaxy that I want to use as a background later but thought the WIP shots might be interesting to some folks here. It was the first time I attempted anything space-related in that medium and it went surprisingly well.

Final product:

finished spiral galaxy

Materials: rough white sketching paper A4-size, pastel chalks and pastel pencil

The WIP shots are in my journal.
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I hope this post inspires other artists to show their work again this year! I'd love to see it! I have been on a very long hiatus - not creating anything due to hectic work but I managed this pencil drawing a couple of days ago. Mostly it was a challenge in drawing hair spilling naturally over two pillows and I'm sure it could be better. If anyone would like to share some tips regarding hair, I'd appreciate it!

See it here at my journal

All the best for all of you and happy creating!
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Hi everyone, I posted a completed work from my course on pastels here in my journal.
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I made a post about it here at my journal.
What I learned: Don't try to layer watercolour over ink, it doesn't really work. :-)
I don't have an external account for my images, else I would post them here directly, sorry.
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This is my first drawing in three months. Art block is a monster. :'(

(Niall Horan from One Direction)

View it here!
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My last two paintings I decided to go in a different direction. Many people have commented, and I have noticed as well, my value studies often look great, while my colour renditions seem to lack something. These last two, I set out to remove the concept of colour completely, and focus just on value, shape, texture and line. I think these worked out pretty well.

Up or out?

Watercolour on 140lb cold press 9x13.


Watercolour on 140lb cold press 7x10.

The black used for both paintings is an even mix of Windsor-Newton French Ultramarine and Daniel Smith Quin Burnt Orange.
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cross-posted from journal.

It’s been quite a while since I had a class — missed the August session for C&N’s wedding — so it’s been over a month since I’ve seen our teacher. I had some questions on the waterfall I’ve been working on, but I put that aside as we had a new project to start out the new session.

We are working on a copy of a winter snowy scene by Zoltan Zsabo, who was a really really great watercolourist; we’ve done a few other things by him (Sunset Through Trees).

This was rather fun, I love doing big huge sky washes, mixing very wet colours (Permanent Alizerin Crimson at first, then going back with French Ultramarine) right on the paper. There was a flaw in the paper, though, as some part of it wouldn’t take paint — I guess it’s a cloud now! I tilted and moved the block of paper so the paint would just flow around — I love doing that!

The background forest was also fun. While the paper was still damp, started using a 1/2 inch flat with Quin Burnt Orange to make some orangish trees, then went over that with a mix of French Ultramarine, a tad of QBO to darken it, and some Sap Green. I ended up also doing just straight French Ultra to give it a little kick.

Then I started in with the blue shadows in the snow. This was fun; I kept the lower edge hard, to make a deliniation for the snow drift that is in front of the shadow area (negative painting to define shape). Also, a very pale, uneven wash over the snow area of Permanent Alizeran Crimson to give the snow a very slight pink cast as it is reflecting off the sky.

For the shadow parts, I gave the area in question a coat of clear water, then dropped in wet French ultra along the hard edge and let it flow into the softer areas. In some of the cases, I also dropped in some very tinted, wet Permanent Alizerin Crimson to give it a blue to purple cast.

That is what I got done today. I’ve really quite happy with it so far.

painting: work in progress on snow scene

Mirrored from Tamara Temple's Blog.

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I gave myself permission to play a little today, and this is what came of it.

Larger version under the cut )

X-posted to my personal journal.
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A fanart of Harvey Specter from Suits. :)

View it here!
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Pastel drawn from a photo of mine. Cannot seem to get things angled the way they are in photos, but, still pretty happy with this. Particularly since it has been 3 months since I last drew. I was actually afraid to try again.


Large version below the cut )
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I've been all sorts of nostalgic over Inuyasha lately. It was one of my first big series (besides Dragonball) that I really got into. So, I doodled a little head shot. Can I just say, I LOVE how he turned out! Oh man, I want my style to look like this all the time. ;A;

View it here!


Jun. 5th, 2011 10:23 am
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These are all done with a Pentel brush pen, Micron pens for the crosshatching, and prismacolor markers.

Follow the link for full-sized imageā€¦

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But seeing as I just ordered business cards and I'm feeling kind of friendly on this rainy April 1st, I feel like asserting my presence on DW. There has also been some cool art from this community and I feel compelled to share some of my work. I can't say it's going to be a regular thing, but, yeah. You can find most of my work on at the moment.

There is some nudity but otherwise safe! )

I don't really use my journal here for art purposes but hello to all the artists out there and those who use photoshop <3. Merry meet!


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