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Hey fellow artists! The new fanart community [community profile] drawesome has been really active since its inception in July and there are two posts that might be interesting for you guys too (disclaimer, yes I made those posts).

Posing references

This is a list of books, online articles, stock image sites and tutorials we compiled. I'd love more links though.

Storing art

This is a discussion I started today mainly because I don't feel I have a proper storage solution for my pastels yet.

I'd be delighted if some of you add your own resources or thoughts here in this post or over at [community profile] drawesome. We artists should help each other out!
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Hey all, I made a pastel drawing of a galaxy that I want to use as a background later but thought the WIP shots might be interesting to some folks here. It was the first time I attempted anything space-related in that medium and it went surprisingly well.

Final product:

finished spiral galaxy

Materials: rough white sketching paper A4-size, pastel chalks and pastel pencil

The WIP shots are in my journal.
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Hi everyone, I posted a completed work from my course on pastels here in my journal.
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I don't use this community nearly enough!
I keep forgetting it exists. *blush*
Anyway, here's some of my recent soft pastel work.
And by recent, I mean today.
I even mean 'currently getting pastel dust on the keyboard.'

Mr and Mrs Finch
yes, prints are available at DeviantArt
MATERIALS: Soft pastels (Schminke / Windsor & Newton), Pastel pencils (Carbothello), Pastel paper (Mi Tientes), Hard pastels (Faber Castell) and limited fixative.

a larger version, and icons/userpics under the cut. )


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