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I hope this post inspires other artists to show their work again this year! I'd love to see it! I have been on a very long hiatus - not creating anything due to hectic work but I managed this pencil drawing a couple of days ago. Mostly it was a challenge in drawing hair spilling naturally over two pillows and I'm sure it could be better. If anyone would like to share some tips regarding hair, I'd appreciate it!

See it here at my journal

All the best for all of you and happy creating!
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Our class assignment today was to reproduce "Morning Cyclist" by artist Fealing Lin.

Here is a sequence of my work on the subject today:



Yes, I'm painting it upside down :) so the paint runs the way I want it to, and not down into the space for the buildings.




sunny edges of buildings

First I tipped the edges where the buildings are reflecting the rising sun.


After the yellow dried, I painted in the building area. Underneath I had a beautiful layer of tourquoise, but forgot to capture it. You can still see it in part, mainly the rider's head and shoulders. It adds to the glazing over the buildings quite a bit.



The final version, which I'm quite happy with.

My utmost thanks to Ms. Lin for providing such a stunning inspiration to play with.

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Hi everyone, I posted a completed work from my course on pastels here in my journal.
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I made a post about it here at my journal.
What I learned: Don't try to layer watercolour over ink, it doesn't really work. :-)
I don't have an external account for my images, else I would post them here directly, sorry.
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Started in on another painting, this one of some astrolameria blossoms we had a few months back. 3 stages of progress:

Stage 1: Background leaves

[painting] astros, wip, stage 1

Stage 2: Background petals

[painting] astros, wip, stage 2

Stage 3: Continuing with petals

[painting] astros, wip, stage 3

I'm obviously not done yet, but thought I'd toss this up in case anyone has some thoughts.
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From a photo a friend sent me:

[painting] Alaskan Aurora

Comments, critiques, suggestions, etc., quite welcome. :)
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Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer in the DBZ style. :)

View it here!
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An attempt at drawing Niall without any reference. I think I need more practice.

View it here!
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A scribble done with ballpoint in my tiny notebook. :)

View it here!
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This is my first drawing in three months. Art block is a monster. :'(

(Niall Horan from One Direction)

View it here!
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From all the feedback last week
on my archway with
figures project
, I set about this week to add more
value and colour to the work, initially focusing on the right hand

I put on quite a bit more colour on the right wall, mainly QBO with a
tiny bit of French Ultra dripped in. I also added much more colour in
the overhanging foliage, although it also is starting to muddy
up. I removed most of the paint on the fence in front of the couple and
repainted it with Aureolin to get the glow. I plan on glazing the fence
later on to cool it and weather it a bit more.

Here I've glazed over the bright wall on the right, and sponged out
some of the glaze. This is more to my liking. Also put in quite a bit
more colour in the archway. Removed some of the paint from the fence,
it was a bit too intense.

Getting a bit more done, the overhanging foliage is better now, took
up a little bit more paint on the right wall, getting it's texture
back. The shadow on the left wall is working much better. The shadows
on the ground are way too purple/red, need to go back in and make them
blue-grey. Still a ways to go on this one. Still loads of work to do
on this.

I think (hope?) that I've nixed the man's black mitre hat.

Your C&C are ever most welcome and appreciated! Thank you!
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Archway with Figures

Today's work was an archway with a couple of figures. I was originally
going to try it in Don Andrews' style again, but decided to go a little
bit differently with this one.

Don's style has bright, vibrant hues, especially with his figures. This
seemed to call for something a little bit more realistic for some

Source photo:


-   paper: Arches 140lb cold press 12x9
-   paint:
    -   DS Quin Burnt Orange
    -   W&N French Ultramarine
    -   DS Sap Green
    -   DS Aureolin
    -   DS Permanent Rose

WIP 1:


I rather like this start, except for the shadow from the arch on the
left side; my arm jerked as I was trying to paint a straight edge and so
it bowed out. Really don't like that.

WIP 2:

I should have done something different for the
left figure, the woman, and not given her a black sweater as in the
photo. Too literal :sigh: I should have done something more colourful.

Also not liking the archway much.

I do like the right side wall texture, and a lot of other aspects. I'm
also pleased with the window on the left wall.

It needs quite a few more values, though. I probably started in on the
details too early.
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Over at, there's a monthly exercise. This month's is moving water. Here's my go:

  • paper: Cotman Water Colour Pad, 10x7, 140lb cold press
  • paint:
    • DS Phthalo Green
    • WN French Ultramarine Blue
    • DS Aureolin
    • DS Quin Burnt Orange
    • DS Rose Madder Genuine

This is (yet another) redo of an image I was working on last year, where I was getting quite frustrated with showing the waterfall. This is a wee bit better, I think. Today's effort was about an hour.

Contrast with last year's attempt, which went on for days, it seemed:

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Today, we studied the style of Don Andrews ( since our teacher was taking a workshop from him. His style is exceptionally wonderful. He has a "found colour" technique that works really well, although I didn't find any new colours here at all. :) It's W&N French Ultramarine, DS Phthalo Green, as well as a mixture on the palette of Phthalo Green and Phthalo Blue to get a neat Turquoise, which I didn't know how to make.


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My last two paintings I decided to go in a different direction. Many people have commented, and I have noticed as well, my value studies often look great, while my colour renditions seem to lack something. These last two, I set out to remove the concept of colour completely, and focus just on value, shape, texture and line. I think these worked out pretty well.

Up or out?

Watercolour on 140lb cold press 9x13.


Watercolour on 140lb cold press 7x10.

The black used for both paintings is an even mix of Windsor-Newton French Ultramarine and Daniel Smith Quin Burnt Orange.
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Art » WC Brooklyn Bridge

Ink and Wash painting of the Brooklyn Bridge

I had asked our teacher to go over some ink and wash techniques with us. Instead she showed us outlining as a means to "rescue" a painting we weren't happy with. I read about this technique in an issue of Watercolour magazine last year, but it wasn't really what I wanted to work on, so I struck off on my own.


The source image came from an old calendar. It has lots of spectral qualities, which is probably the main attraction of the image as a photograph. I was struck more by the structural elements of the bridge, the skyline against the horizon, and the diagonal parking area.

Ink Drawing

I was initially pretty pleased with how the inking turned out. I used a Sharpie writing pen, rather than my usual Sharpie markers. The ink was drying out with the near constant use on the very absorbant watercolour paper, so it's not nearly as I'd have liked it. Still I do like the way things look at this point.

First Wash: Sky

Second and Third Washes

Darken Elements, add some details

Fourth Wash: Deepen Values

Redraw Bridge: Better Perspective


I'm hoping I can manipulate the bridge deck to return some perspective to it and make it actually look like it's moving into the picture.


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