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Name:The Dreamwidth Studios Art Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to share any and all art

The Dreamwidth Art Community

Welcome to the Art community of Dreamwidth. Here people can post any and all types of art to share with others.


-Art is subjective and it's appreciated that some people may deem something as art that others do not. Please do not start a flame war over this. If you see something you don't feel is art, simply don't comment.
-If posting something large, long or of adult content, please use an <lj-cut> and place a warning in the link. eg. <lj-cut text="WARNING TEXT HERE">
-When posting images please make sure they work properly and don't show up as a broken image.
-If you post here and do not want to receive crit, please mention it. Also mention it if you want to receive it.
-When giving critic please try and remain constructive about it, don't say "this sucks", let the person know what they need to improve.
-In the same vein, when receiving critic (if asked and it is constructive) don't cause drama and start having a tantrum over it.
-If someone is giving critic for your work when you asked not to receive it, please screen the comment and contact a mod about it.
-Do not steal peoples' work, if caught stealing you will be permanently banned from the community without warning.

If you wish to keep track of your fiction, you may tag them as "author: yourusername". For keeping track of art that is drawn/painted etc. you can use "artist: yourusername". Musicians can tag their works as "musician: yourusername".

We encourage you to use this standard form when posting fiction, fan or otherwise:

Title: (Every story needs a title!)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Pairing: (Any hints of a pairing? Subtle or not. Can be omitted for original works.)
Word Count: (It's always helpful to know the size!)
Additional: (Anything we should know before reading? Trigger warnings etc.)
Summary: (A summary of the plot)



Roz - [personal profile] mage/[personal profile] mod

Feel free to contact me if you need to. I am more than happy to give this community to a maintainer who will help it thrive now that tumblr users are coming here.
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